About Us

Heidi grew up on a farm in Wales and after witnessing a farm fire devastating her family farmhouse and barns, she learned from a young age to become organised and to only keep the things that matter in life. 

Since then, organising has come naturally to Heidi but she also realises that the process of decluttering and organising can be overwhelming, which is why Heidi set up &Declutter. We will work with you at your own pace to tackle any project to save you time and energy, which can instead be spent living the life you want.

Our Process

Step 1

We’re here to help, get in touch. We’d love to have an initial chat to ask a few questions about what you'd like to achieve, what you would like your space to look like and the time frame you'd like to achieve this in.

Consultation options are:

  • Over the Phone;

  • FaceTime / WhatsApp / Skype / Zoom; or

  • We can also arrange a Personal Consultation. Please see Pricing for more information. 

Step 2

We then create a plan that works for you. If you’re happy, we book in a time that works for you to declutter and organise.

Step 3

Let’s begin! During the session, we will work alongside you to:

  • Reduce the clutter & make sense of your belongings; 

  • Decide what to keep, recycle or to donate to charity;

  • Create organised storage solutions that works for you and family; and

  • Share systems to keep on top of the clutter.

Step 4

Upon completion, we will make sure that we leave you with tips and solutions to continue on a journey to a clutter free life and mind.   

London, UK

+44 (0) 7963 491 382


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