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How To Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bedroom

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

As it's World Sleep Day today, I wanted honour this by focusing on something simple we do every day, which if done precisely, could make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home; bed making.

Your bed is a fantastic way to express your individuality and style. There are literally thousands of ways to style your bed, and today I want to share with you some basic steps to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

Bottom Sheet

When making your bed, the first step is to add the bottom sheet, you can use a fitted sheet or flat sheet; the important point is to get a crease-less finish. Once the corners of the bottom sheet are in place, tuck in the sides into the bed frame or under the mattress.

When people ask what types of sheets to use, I always recommend that you invest in 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. You don’t have to break the bank to buy these, high street stores such as Wilko’s sell Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers.

Top Sheet

Position your top sheet evenly across the bed, with the thick hem at the top of the bed and the same length of sheet hanging on either sides, make sure enough of the sheet is left towards the top of the bed.

Fold the top of the sheet down; if you have a patterned sheet, you may like to have the pattern facing down so that when you fold back the sheet, the pattern will show.

To achieve 5* hotel luxury, hospital corners are a must. Here’s how perfect hospital corners:

  1. At the foot of the bed, slightly lift the bed and tuck the sheet along the foot of the bed. The excess fabric will just hang at the corner of the mattress.

  2. With the excess fabric, lift it up and place it on the top of the mattress to form a 45-degree angle.

  3. Hold the fabric at the 45-degree angle with one hand and with the other, tuck in the remaining hanging sheet along the side of the mattress and then let go and let the sheet fall.

  4. Take the edge of the sheet to the corner of the mattress and tuck it in.

  5. Repeat this on the remaining corner.

Video Credit Crane & Canopy


Shake out the duvet to make sure the filling is distributed evenly. Lay the duvet cover on the bed, take the two top corners of the duvet inside to the top corners of the cover, then tuck in the rest of the duvet. If you’re in a rush and want to make sure that the top corners stay in place, you can use bulldog clips hold them in place.

Give the duvet a good shake. Pull the duvet up until it’s about 2 inches form the headboard, and smooth it out to make sure there are no creases.

Now it’s time for the fun part!

Pillows & Throws


For a beautiful finish, use decorative pillows and throws. Fluff the pillows to make sure they look their best. Once fluffed, place them in upright in the position of your choosing near the headboard. Make sure that the zips are always facing down and out of view.

Next, the throw. Position this neatly at the foot of your bed, or drape it over one corner which is on trend right now. If you have an oversized throw, fold it in half and do the same. This is a simple yet beautiful way to add an additional layer to your bedding look.

For an extra cozy feel, you can add faux fur throw pillows. The opportunities to express yourself are endless!

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