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Is Self-Storage The Answer?

In the UK, the self-storage industry has seen huge growth in the past year, with both occupancy and profitability on the rise. And the same is expected across Europe in the coming years.

As a professional organising and decluttering expert, I can’t help but feel slightly despondent with these facts.

I appreciate that self-storage is the only option in some situations, here are a few examples:

Temporarily storing your belongings in self-storage can be useful if you’ve sold your house and are living in rented accommodation before moving into your new home.

Self-storage can be an asset to small business holders who do not have the space to hold stock.

A self-storage unit can also be an ideal solution when dealing with an influx of stuff coming into your home; a family member or friend moving in, a family member passing, a child coming home from university, etc. Storing things in self-storage can give you the space needed to make room for the things coming into your home.

However, if you have taken on a self-storage unit as a long-term solution because you have too much stuff in your home, then I urge you to first go through your things thoroughly to see if there is anything you can sell, donate, recycle or give away.

Deciding to store your belongings in a unit which is costing you simply because you have too much stuff is not the answer. If you’ve decided to place some of your things in storage, it suggests that you can live without these items, so ask yourself “do you I actually need these things or can I let them go?”

If you do need these things, and don’t want to let them go, why don’t you make space and keep them in your home? There will be other things in your home that you can let go of, you just need to sort through each room and let go of any clutter you’ve been holding onto.

Decluttering your home to make room for your things will not only save you hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds, but has other benefits too.

Decluttering gives you the opportunity to let go of the things that you no longer need or want, thereby leaving you with only the things that you love.

Decluttering can make your life easier. By letting go of the things that you no longer want or need you are reducing the volume of stuff in your home. This will make it easier to find things, to clean and reduce any stress or anxiety you may feel over the stuff in your home.

Decluttering uses your decision making and problem-solving skills. You’ve for Y amount of space, and X amount of stuff. To make everything fit, you need to make reasonable decisions about whether to keep or let go of items, and where to put them. Doing that can help you to feel in control of things, and more assertive.

Decluttering can be energising. You are getting stuff done, which feels great. As soon as you start, you instantly see the results and will want to get as much as possible done. Remember it’s starting that’s the difficult bit, but once you’ve started, you won’t want to stop.

Decluttering can make you (and save you) money. You can sell the things that you no longer want to try to recoup some of the money spent. Storing unwanted items in your house or in storage is never going to make you money, in fact it’s costing you in many ways. By decluttering, rather than resorting to self-storage, you can save yourself a lot of money and feel great for doing it.

I believe that self-storage is a fantastic solution to a wide range of practical storage problems. However, without first attempting to thoroughly declutter your home, it is not an effective solution to long-term domestic storage issues. By decluttering first, there’s a strong change that you will sort out your storage issues for good.

If you have any questions or would like help to declutter your home, please do not hesitate to contact Heidi at &Declutter. We would love to speak to you.

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