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How To Reclaim Your Time: Four effective ways to get more done

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Are you starting a new business, or are you finding it hard to find the time to do the things that you want? We all struggle to find enough time in the day. But what can often be mistaken for lack of time, is often lack of focus.

It can be difficult to admit, but we often waste a lot of time and energy on the wrong things.

The following tactics will help you to get the right things done and will allow you to have time to do more of the things you want.

1. Schedule your time-consuming tasks

The worst offenders are social media and email. And let’s be honest, often these tasks are low down on your list of priorities. For sure, these will need to be dealt with at some point, but not first. When we check social media a number of times a day, we’re inevitably pulled into other people’s worlds and problems which can be a massive drain on our time and energy.


1. Schedule email and social media time slots into your calendar.

2. Set a reminder for when it’s time to leave.

3. Stick to it.

Try to schedule this to times of the day where you find your productivity and energy drops. For me this is mid-afternoon around 4 pm.

2. Set one priority task per day

This is one of the best ways to get things done. Even if this one priority task is all you manage to do all day, over a couple of weeks you will have accomplished far more than most.

Prioritising more than one important task per day can increase the chance of procrastination, and you may even end up getting nothing substantial done.

It is normal to have one priority task and lots of little tasks in line for the day. The best way to deal with this is to know exactly when your best working hours are, and to focus this time on your priority task. You can then cross off the smaller tasks throughout the rest of the day.

TOP TIP – once you’ve set yourself a priority task for that day, make sure that it is completed before you allow yourself some downtime. Having to work that little bit harder and longer now and again to accomplish your goal is one of the greatest feelings and a definite boost to how you feel about yourself.


1. Set your priority task the night before so can plan your day ahead.

2. Only set one priority task.

3. Make sure you compete your priority task.

4. Set realistic priorities, do not set yourself up to fail.

3. Limit your decisions

Decisions take up time and energy, and effect your focus. The fewer decisions you have to make the better. Each time you have to make a small decision you use up some of your energy, by removing that decision, that energy can instead be used for getting the task done.

Examples of small daily decisions:

- Picking out an outfit

- What to have for dinner

- When to go to the gym

- When to run your errands

- When to take your dog for a walk

- When to check your emails

These all take up decision-making energy, so the quicker you routinise, automate or remove these decisions from your life, the easier your day will become, and you will get more done.


1. Create a list of the decisions you make every day.

2. Pick out the decisions that you can eliminate and establish a routine. For example, set a dinner menu for each night of the week and stick this on the fridge. Or pick out your outfit the night before to eliminate the time you spend making the decision the next morning.

4. Schedule a day off

Take time out. Give yourself a break – you deserve it. It sounds easy, but this can be so hard to do and not feel guilty about it. Remember, you are juggling so many moving parts daily, and you need a break to prevent it becoming too much. This is as important as getting things done.

Think of your day off as a time to re-energise and re-focus yourself to stay positive.


1. Book your day off into your calendar, and make sure you take the day off (no household chores, or food shopping etc.)

2. Make plans with friends and family to make sure that you stick to your day off.

Do you have any other time management techniques? Share them with me on Facebook or Twitter.

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